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My Auto-responder “In-Touch” is designed so that you can keep in touch with your clients/members/prospects as automatically as possible leaving you free for the creative things that machines can’t do. In-Touch cuts out the manual work of building a list of prospects/members and then sends emails personalised with the prospects name. Many separate lists can be built, each one sending different sequence of messages on different preset periods. Ideal for sending weekly/monthly newsletters, special offers etc. An auto unsubscribe link option will allow the prospect to delete their entry without any effort on you part. There is an option for you to be notified should the prospect do so. 


The standard simple responder provided by most ISP’s merely respond to received emails by sending a confirmation email that the emails been received. Personally I do not use these preferring to assume that it has been received unless notified of a bounce. The only time where these may be useful is say you are on away for a period and will be able to respond to any emails, rather than letting your prospects/clients wonder why you have not responded you tell them the reason and when you will be able to respond. I personally feel that this can lose you clients and prefer to answer emails even if I am on holiday.

My Auto-responder “INTOUCH” is designed so that you can keep in touch with your clients/members/prospects as automatically as possible leaving you free for the creative things that machines can’t do.

In-Touch Auto-responder is designed to cut out the manual work of building a list of prospects/members and then sending emails to everyone on that list. Many lists can be built, each one sending different messages on preset periods. An auto unsubscribe link option will allow the prospect to delete their entry without any effort on you part.

It is NOT a spamming tool. Like most people, I hate spam. Spam is also illegal.
To avoid spamming every email sent must at the request of the individual concerned. The recipient opt-ins by filling a form on your website. There is a double opt-in option, this send an email with a link which when clicked automatically confirms consent to receive these emails. There is an option to attached an auto opt-out link to each email. This will ensure that you comply with the law and automatically deletes this prospect from the list without any interaction by yourself. You can set the reports to automatically notify you that they have opted out.

Demo - See it in action!

The best way to see how it works from your prospect/client point of view is to try it!

Our Business Club this is an actual working responder and you can see how I am using it. 
Demo multiple auto-responder activation I have also setup this demo responder which is linked to 7 different responders. Each one programmed for a different purpose to give you an idea what can be achieved. The options for example, could be different courses, e-books or products etc. This one is a pure demo, in practice it would not have such a mismatch between the different responders. In practise would select between different products or course for an example. 
Try the In-Touch Control Panel everything works but the send is disabled. Remember as the contents can be changed by viewers what is shown is what left by other viewers.

1. option - please select product/service - disallowed to force a valid section
2. option - I would like to join 1 Stop Business Club -
This performs the same action as the separate form above and invokes the same responder although using a different sign up form.
3. option -  I would like to join - Test Auto Responder -
This sends out various samples of responses using plain text and HTML and embedded links images etc to show what can be done.
4. option - Domain name -
redirects the prospect to our Domain Search page also sends an explanatory email on the same day and a follow up email the next day and then deletes the enquirer. Deletion is an option they can be left on the responder. Even if the prospect is deleted the details are retained on the main responder list together with the source account.
5. option - Website Hosting -
as for Domain but redirects to our hosting plan page sends an explanatory email on the same day and a follow up email next day but is not set to delete the enquirer so additional emails can be sent if required.
6. option - Create your own Website Course -
Sample of how it could be used to send an E-course - welcome - then 3 lessons (normally would be sent out weekly to give the client time to study the material but as this is a demo that would drag the demo out too long) then any questions email.
7. option - I would like a demo on Auto-Responders -
links to this page
8. option - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
- redirects the prospect to my SEO page. It is not programmed send any emails but the prospect's details are retained on the system and follow up emails could be sent if required at a later date.
The range of uses is only limited by you imagination.

If you would like to look at the actual responder and play with the controls click here password is demo. Note: the send is disabled to stop abuse as everyone has access to this and the password is not a secret. You can change, modify, add and delete and so can anybody else so just what state it is in will depend on how other people have left it!

What does it do? How does it work?

List Building is always time consuming, prone to typing errors and a boring job. IN-TOUCH does this automatically for you or to be more accurate your prospect/client does this work for you. On your webpage you have a form which is filled in by the person requesting information or newsletters etc their name and email. On submission, IN-TOUCH validates the entries and if incorrect returns a message requesting correction, if correct adds it to the list specified by a hidden variable on the form. Any number of different forms can be used.

There is also feature to add manually names from old lists, spreadsheets, documents or type directly into the IN-TOUCH manual entry box. If the list to be imported is tab delimited format then you can simply copy and paste directly into In-Touch.
These lists are then used to send the requested information immediately or at the specified times fully automatically.


Example A:- a person emails you a request for information on your products.
1. You could spend time opening and reading this email. Then you would need to send time replying and sending the information requested. Then this should be followed up at a later date (if you don’t forget or get too busy).
2. Or do this automatically. The enquirer fills in a form on your website requesting the information on your product. The form could have a list of products which automatically selects the correct Auto-Responder for that product, which is pre-programmed to send the information requested. A follow up can be automatically sent after a preset period of days. Imbedded within the message can be links to your order page, email links, pictures and web pages etc. The system is designed to be very flexible so it can be adapted to suit most requirements.

Screenshot showing optional settingsExample B:- Sending of newsletters, periodic updates of your products or special offers
1. You can use Outlook but this shows your mailing list to your prospects which is not very professional.
2. Use "IN-TOUCH" and automatically composes each email personalised with your prospects name(s) and is individually sent this way it doesn't show your other prospects.

Example C:- Yearly renewal of subscriptions
Keeping a check clients/club members can be time consuming, time which could be spent on more profitable things.
2. Or do this automatically using IN-TOUCH once each date of every client is entered, it will check automatically their anniversary date against the system date on a daily basis. Ideally set up so that sends out a friendly reminder say 30 days before it is due. The further reminders could be sent out say 7 days before the due date when actually due and overdue dates. Each message would need to be worded to suit the period before or after the due date. Each message could have a "pay now" button. When the client actually pays IN-TOUCH is reset ready for next years renewal. If their contract is terminated then their entry is deleted to prevent further message being sent out. If the Daily Reports are turned on you will automatically receive on the report a list of who is sent a message and which message.

Example D:- Online e-courses ie series of 10 lessons sent weekly.
Doing this manually would be a nightmare since each person would have started their course on a different day and be on a different lesson. Remembering who is on what lesson, which lesson to sent next and on what day, would be both difficult, time consuming and very prone to errors.
The can be done totally automatically. When your client signs up for your course, the auto-responder automatically sends a welcome message and the sequence is set to send the first lesson next day and  subsequent lessons weekly. The last email thanks them for their participation and offers them further courses for their consideration. Apart from the setting up each lesson (this would have to be done no matter what system is used) the Auto-Responder runs itself. Payment could be made by PayPal and successful payment redirection page could be your course signup page. This signup page could offer a selection of courses see below. The responder will report new signups Screenshot of form using the options in the above example

Example E:- A Dropdown List of different courses, e-books or more information on specific products for your client to chose from. Selecting the course/e-book/product, automatically selects the responder by a hidden "Value" giving clients a choice from a drop down list avoids typing errors and the selection of a non-existing option and ensures the correct responder is used.
The first choice is set to "please select ..." and is disallowed by the settings of the Drop Down Box. This prevents a non selection.
Radio buttons can be used in a similar fashion.

This idea can be utilised in many other ways ie select which product, hobbies newsgroups etc. It's only limited by your imagination and inventiveness!

A demo of this is setup see below.


GENERAL REPORT A globe report which provides a list of the actions of the responder for that day. A special lock is automatically applied once the days mailing has been done to limit the mailing to one a day.

ACCOUNT REPORT Each responder account has the option of independent admin reports which notifies you when a prospect subscribes or un-subscribes.

The Auto-Responder can handle many lists. Although operated by the same auto-responder, each account is kept separate in a different directory, has its own options and independent messages, periods when they are sent, settings and controls.

How Do I set it up?

Fill in an online form which controls the main settings. Load the messages, newsletters or data on your products. You can include links to your website, pictures etc. Put the "signup" form on your website (the In-Touch responder generates a standard form code which can be cut and pasted into your webpage directly or you can modify or adapt to suit your requirements. Click here to see our signup form. Up to 10 extra optional input boxes can be added. Full instructions provided. One last thing test by signing yourself up at lest two or three day before any clients, this will send the auto messages to you before your clients giving you time to correct the problem. If you test it on your clients it can cause embarrassment if you have done something wrong!

For any more information and prices contact

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