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    A website requires three things (A) domain  (B) hosting  (C) content


    You need a Domain Address so that the surfer's browser can be directed to your site. The actual address is the IP address which is four three digit numbers ie Rather than loads of meaningless and difficult to remember numbers, the internet runs a DNS (Domain Name Service) which translates names of sites into their numeric addresses rather like a telephone directory but this is transparent to the user. Using the domain name will automatically find both the host and required directory on that host (there will be 1000's of sites on the same host).
    What domain name to use? This will be limited by what's available. What's best, your business name or describes your business? It needs to be short and easy to remember. Then when you thought of a name then see if it available. Check on Domain Availability Checker Just enter your name and leave the "all" and it will show you all the permutations available. Think ahead, the printing of your stationery. Biggest problem will be on your business cards (smallest size and space). How will the email address look against the telephone numbers? Ideally need to be reasonably short.


    All domains must be registered so that the Domain Names Service (DNS) knows where your site is hosted. .uk's domains are registered with Nominet who charge a fee for this service. .com's are international and the fee is much higher than uk domains since it needs to be maintained world wide. If your domain is a .uk then the web only needs to look in the UK but if it's a .com then it could be any where in the whole world so the DNS look up is more involved. The exact fee is shown when you choose your domain.


    Your site has to be hosted on a computer which is connected permanently to the internet with sufficient bandwidth (speed). It would be too expensive to host on your own computer. The cheapest option is to share space on a host computer. 1StopHosting offers many hosting plans to suit all requirements from small to large, with and without databases. database can always be added afterwards should you find the need.


    Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides you with a link to the internet and they in turn provide links to other ISPs hence name the web. It is indeed a web of connections right around the whole world and the term world wide web (www). Normally this comes automatically with your broadband.


    Broadband is a special high speed digital connection to the Internet. In the old days Internet connection was limited to the normal telephone line which converted that computer's digital signal into tones (sound by which computers can "talk" to each other) which could be transmitted by the normal telephone line. This method of connection is termed dial up since you're a dial up as and when when you wish to use it and obviously pay for the time connected. broadband is permanently connected and very very much faster. can provide you with a complete package. Broadcall: Award-winning package combining high-speed broadband and low-cost calls including Line rental and free connection. Other utility services like Energy: (Gas and Electricity) with unique "Triple Value" Guarantee gives you peace of mind - you'll always get a good deal with the convenience of just one monthly bill plus award-winning UK-based customer service. Most clients find they benefit by saving their time and costs together with an excellent service. Watch the French and Saunders videos Saving Money there are two other videos on the same page "Which?" and "All on One Bill".

    Content or Design

    Content as the name implies is the files, which are a mixture of html, jpg (picture) and other files which make up your website. These have to be design, created and uploaded onto your hosted web space. There are many ways in which this content can be created. The method you use will be governed by your resources. You could use what you already have ie Note pad or word, but these are not specially designed to create web pages. You can purchase a special program. These are either designed for the skilled professional or non skilled user which require no knowledge of HTML coding. For 1StopHosting clients there is our free online Web Builder together with 100,000+ clipart/photos, 500+ templates. Serif offer many good programs including WebPlus this is a WYSIWYG and allows you see the page as you build pages them offline without HTML, has many extra features and is easy to use.

    Page Button Name

    This is the name on the button or menu which opens the page. As there is a limited space on the button this needs to kept short and to the point also need to be unique. We this unique name as a reference in our communications so that we both know which page we are referring to, please keep to this convention to avoid miss-understandings.  

    Page Title

    This is the first line shown by search engines and displayed in the title bar of the browser. As the bar is only one line the number of characters is limited to about 70. Too many the line will be truncated.

    Brief Page Description

    Brief Page Description is shown on the second and third line by search engine. Normally 130, max 150 characters. Too many the line will be truncated. 


    Keywords should be those words or phrases that you think people will use when trying to look for a site like yours on search engines. The right keywords for your web site should be specific enough to describe your web site's focus, yet general enough for potential customers to use as search criteria with search engines. Be sure to include your domain name, company name and product's name in the keywords. Normally 500, max 1000 characters.

    Bespoke Web Site

    An individually designed site tailored to your exact individual requirements. These sites take the most amount of time to create due to the individually of the files which make up the content of the site so that it displays the webs pages in an unique design and layout. This is the most expensive in terms of labour therefore it is essential that you have a clear plan from the start to avoid time wasting duplication of pages.

    Template Web Site

    A template of a ready built website, you just customise by adding your own text and pictures, the design, graphics and HTML coding all done for you. Since the framework is already in place, it only needs the text and pictures added In the places that have been pre-determined for them. You can either use your pictures or choose from our stock of clipart and photos. This makes it quicker and easier to produce a working website. The disadvantage is that you're working within an existing frame which means you're limited to that set design. If you are not too fussy and are happy with the chosen template then this is a very cheap and adequate solution. Also they are ideal as a quick temporary a web site while a more elaborate design is being made. 1StopHosting clients have free access to 100,000+ clipart/photos, 500+ templates, special scripts (ie Hit Counters etc.) and plenty of online help. Professional help is also available if needed.

    Stock Clipart & Photos

    1StopHosting clients have access to 100,000+ clipart/photos, 500+ templates (ready built websites which you just customise by adding your text and pictures, the design, graphics and HTML coding all done for you). Also there are many other sites providing the above, some charge a fee, some free (these normally carry a link or advert). Remember if you copy from somebody's website without permission in most cases you are infringing copyright. Many photos etc., have a hidden watermark so that they can be traced, so be careful. The safest and most ethical is to use royalty free stock or your own photos.

    DIY Web Site or BYO

    This is a site that you designed yourself. The advantage is the considerable saving in cost also you're not reliance on outsiders. See 1StopHosting If you've never done this before can present quite a learning curve depending on your background. But don't let me put you off, it can be both fun and rewarding providing you have the time. This is greatly simplified for our clients by using our free easy to use free online WebBuilder with our ready designed templates just follow the on screen instructions. There is plenty of online help, 100,000+ clipart/photos, 500+ templates (ready built websites which you just customise by adding your text and pictures, the design, graphics and HTML coding all done for you). You have your own Control Panel where you setup and control and aspects of your website and emails. Online Help is available. Failing that personal help.

    Control Panel

    Control Panel as it's name implies, the control centre for your website and emails. If you click on the link it will show you just what is on the it. I can't show you a live control panel since these are password protected and will give unrestricted access to that site. What is shown is a screen dump of an actual control panel with the sensitive data removed.

    Update Site

    Updating is normally changing the information to make it current i.e., replace the old prices with new ones.

    Upgrade Site

    Upgrading the site is normally improving the design or layout and may well entail a complete rebuild. Generally, if the existing site is working I recommend that a separate site is made that is hidden from the general surfer. When you're happy with this new site, it is then made live and the old site discontinue this prevents interruption to your site. While the new site is being worked on you will be given a link to the hidden site so that you can see the progress.


    Maintenance is normally the fixing of a problem ie Corrupt file. Some people refer updating as maintenance.


    File Transfer Protocol transfers the files from your computer to your website so that the site can be viewed on the web by all. Most web building programs have some form of FTP built in. As I use a variety of different web creation programs I use a separate FTP that I can use for everything is the best solution for me.

    Online Web Builder

    This is free to 1StopHosting Clients. WebBuilder benefits are that you do not need to know or understand html coding. All you have to do just select the design you like then follow the on screen instructions one by one, previewing your site as you go. When happy with your design save and then your website will be live. Our advise for your first website keep it simple - just get your web presence online and get use to the tools and build up your confidence. At a later date you can go back and improve or update it. Help is provided online

    Help Online

    1StopHosting runs an extensive database of help which is geared to help client's setting up their website. Also there is a vast quantity of help available on the internet for all topics.

    Help Personal

    This can be help on almost anything. It dose not have to be a website that we created, control, host or even web related. It could be computer or a software problem. I have years of experience on electronic servicing and running different business. Please email me with full details of your problem. This help can be provided via the web, email, msn, voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or a mixture. For example I can be viewing the problem online together with the source code and at the same time speak directly to you also send via email or teletype (a typed message which you can read on your computer). There may be a charge for this service, depending if you are an existing client and on which services. You will be advised of the costs before proceeding. DIY services are provided at the lowest possible cost and are provided fully automated online, together with online help. Obviously if you pay for a DIY service then you cannot expect bespoke service. If you have made a reasonable attempt to help yourself but cannot resolve the problem send an email with a full description of the problem and what you have done or tried to resolve the problem via our online support page. Some problems may need resolving on your premises. Our bespoke service is a complete service and everything is done for you so you do not have to worry or know how it's done.


    Search Engine Optimisation is the art of optimising the Website to improve the ranging of the site. Visitors generally use search engines to find sites that match their search criteria. The visitor enters words or phrases in the search box and the search engine produces a list of related sites. The search engine uses information that it has collected using indexing software agents, often called "robots" or "spiders". These robots and spiders are programmed to "crawl" the Internet in search of new or updated web sites. The search engine becomes aware of a new site to visit and index when that site is submitted. CLICK HERE For more information on SEO

    Email Setup & Filtering

    It is easier to use Microsoft's Outlook to download your emails. This program can filter your incoming emails into various folders also can block unwanted senders. This is a very helpful program and a great business tool but unfortunately it can be a bit daunting for the first time user to set up and they may need some help in doing so. 

    Web Mail

    Web Mail has advantage that it can be used from any computer without special programmes or changing the settings. All that is necessary, all that is necessary is a standard web browser and access to the Internet. Making it ideal for obtaining your e-mails on the move. One simply logs onto the web server, which is basically a web page and you read and write your e-mails from that page. Remember to clear your history, and make sure that you do not set the computer to remember your password.  


    Auto-responders are used to harvest emails that the subscriber has elected to join. The emails are automatically saved on a database together with the persons name and any other details required.  Idea for automatically sending out bulk special offers or newsletter emails which are personalised for the reader. On each email there is an unsubscribe link which will automatically delete their entry in the database. The only manual work is the production of the master email. Tokens (like mail merge on a letter) are inserted for the variable data which is taken from the database and merged on transmission. Pictures, links and other items can be included. These links will improve the ranking of your website due to the increased traffic to your site. Altogether a very useful business tool which keeps your name in the mind of your client and cost very little to run. Any email that is sent via the auto-responder MUST have an unsubscribe link and MUST NOT be used for spamming. Any person illegally spamming will have their account terminated and can be liable for substantial damages. It can cause your ISP to be disconnected from the web which will cause disruption to 100,000's of domains and you will be liable for the lost to these domains, this can not be over emphasized. All emails harvested must be op-ins or better still double op-ins See our In-Touch Auto-responder.


    Spamming is the sending of emails without the recipient's permission. If you buy email lists, it YOUR responsibility to ensure that all the names on the list have ALL "opted in".  The fact that the supplier states that they are all "opted in" will not be a defence.  Any email that is sent via the auto-responder MUST have an unsubscribe link and MUST NOT be used for spamming. The fact that you can get your ISP blacklisted for spamming means that they will not tolerate any spamming whatsoever. Any person illegally spamming will have their account terminated without notice and can be liable for substantial damages. Remember all web traffic is recorded and traceable. For this reason on the first email we send out via the auto-responder we check that the subscriber has in fact made the request and wants to subscribe (could have been subscribed by someone else) has a unsubscribe link which will automatically delete the record from the database. You can use a double opt-in where the subscriber has to click a link in the confirmation email to confirm the opt-in. This is handled automatically by the responder.


    Microsoft's Outlook is a very powerful email program and business tool incorporating task, address, calendar and diary manager. It has very power filters which can filter out spam and other unwanted emails. It can organise your email by automatically moving the incoming emails into specific folders, example the emails from John into his special folder. Diary and contact list which can be synchronised to your mobile phone. It's a good idea to check out the features and see just how they can improve the management of your business. Training on this very specialised tool can be arranged to ensure you get the best from this program.

    One 2 One or Group Workshops

    Training available on a variety of subjects. This can be to create and maintain your own web site or on a higher level so you can produce websites on a professional level as a career.  The difficulty now is that websites are so diverse means that you need a variety of skills to get the maximum from the site. Added to this is the problem of many different types of browsers and versions and not everyone has upgraded to the latest version. They all have different features and can display the same page incorrectly or differently.  The hobbyist is normally satisfied with a website produced by an online web builder without any skill or knowledge of HTML. The most difficult part to get started. Whilst it is possible to learn by yourself is certainly quicker to have some coaching especially to get you started. 1StopWebs offers training and advice on a personal level and 1StopHosting offers help online via FAQ database and email to keep the costs down. There are many other sites devoted to online help. 1StopWebs offers training one to one, group workshop or by the hour (normally on a specific subject or problem). Our training is very flexible and is designed around you.  More info One 2 One or Group Workshops

    Learn as you build

    Learn as you build your website. This course is aimed at the first time builder and gently guides you through 1StopHosting's step by step method of setting up a website. Learn as you build your website is the easiest and most practical way to learn with the benefit of a working website when you have finished your course. It is a well known fact, you are more likely to learn using all your senses on this practical hands-on approach rather than just studying books. Doing both theory and practical together makes understanding easier. Once the basics are understood then you can progress to a higher level.
    This course covers
       The importance of planning
       Deciding and registering your domain
       Obtaining your Hosting
       Building your website using online web builder
       Uploading and Testing
       Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
       Setting up emails on your domain
    Free help and interactive videos see Training and Help. Also available Tuition either as One 2 One or Group Workshops

    Course Subjects

    These are endless, HTML, CSS, FrontPage,  Flash, Scripting, Databases Are some of the subjects covered on the form but there are thousands of others for example different computer languages such a java, php, perl, visual basic, C, C+ tool is just a few. Some of these are explained in more detail below. 

    Objectives & Planning

    Whether you wish to build own website or have the site professionally built, you need to know your objectives and plan before you start. Once the framework for the website is set up it can be difficult to change so therefore it will save time and money in the long run to spend some time on planning. Initially I do this on paper. First consideration is how many pages and what is the general page content. Generally better the plan the cheaper cost and the quicker the site is up and running. It can also help by seeing what the opposition is up to. I'm not suggesting that you should copy their sites, apart from not being very ethical, and the problems of copyright.  Your site should stand out as being yours and independent to the other sites. Even if you have a bespoke site build for you you must have a clear objective, aims and plan for your site. If you keep changing your mind and the designer has to be keep scrapping his work, obviously this is going to increase the time taken and the cost. So I cannot stress just how important it is to have a clear plan. This can also be done on a word processor, each page on the web will be a separate page on the word processor. Be aware that the word processor puts hidden formatting information with the text. Cutting and pasting can cause problems, the safest is to use text only option.
    If you are considering training a plan is still relevant. Exactly what you wish to learn?  Do you wish just to build and maintain your own site or build sites professionally for a career? What type of sites?


    HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language which describes web page layout and has been improved over the years to produce some very elaborate pages.  It is possible to build some very good websites without any knowledge of HTML example our free WebBuilder. There are many programs which will produce the HTML coding from what is drawn on the screen WYSIWYG for example WebPlus. Even if one uses one of these tools it is better if one understands the HTML.


    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation (that is, the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML. CSS is designed primarily to enable the separation of document content (written in HTML or a similar markup language) from document presentation, including elements such as the colours fonts, and layout. This separation allows the style to be set by a single file and is common to all pages which follow this style. The advantage of this, is that by just changing the style sheet the whole site style is updated, this avoids the need of editing each page one by one. A great time saver and reduces errors on editing each page separately. The separation of page layout and styling allows screen readers used by the bind to read the page. Surfers are now using many different types of browsers each having different capabilities which add to the problems of designing web pages which can be viewed on all browsers.



    MySQL is an open source RDBMS (relational database management system) that relies on SQL for processing the data in the database. MySQL provides APIs (application program interface) for the many languages including Java, Perl, PHP. MySQL is most commonly used for Web applications and for embedded applications and has become a popular alternative to proprietary database systems because of its speed and reliability.


    Self-referentially short for PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor, an open source, server-side HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. In an HTML document, PHP script (similar to that of Perl or C) is enclosed within special PHP tags. Because PHP is embedded within tags, the author can jump between HTML and PHP (similar to ASP and Cold Fusion) instead of having to rely on heavy amounts of code to output HTML. And, because PHP is executed on the server, the client cannot view the PHP code. PHP can perform any task that any CGI program can do, but its strength lies in its compatibility with many types of databases.


    FrontPage is one of Microsoft's web page builder similar to DreamWeaver. These give you the best of both worlds you have a WYSIWYG screen also a code screen which allows you to edit the code and fine tune the results the results. It as many features including templates and include. On the template you designed the basic page and create a template from this page which is used to build the other pages from. Any changes made to the template is automatically reflected in all the pages that are attached to that template. another advantage when editing the pages code that is controlled by the template is locked to prevent accidental changes. Another method is to use include files. These files are included in web pages which saves rewriting constant parts and like the template if modified also updates calling page. A simple example of use if the menu is on a template or include file then adding an additional button is only done on one file instead of going through all the pages and possibly missing one.


    WYSIWYG (pronounced wiziwig), is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get.

    Flash Movies

    Flash allows moving images, graphics and text. A good examples are Glaciana each page has four runs separate flash movies. Another example is Glitterball Events there is a write-up on my portfolio page on how it was constructed in layers. The limitation is set only by the imagination of the designer and the size of the resulting file. Obviously a very large file would take a long time to download and there's a limit how long one will wait.


    Scripts a little bits of program which do the clever bits for example validating forms, page hit counters, show that date and or the time on your page, guest books, forums and many other things. These codes a normally written in but not exclusively in JavaScript. many scripts are prewritten and only need to change a few variables to make them work. 1StopHosting provides many free scripts see our Control Panel for these and other features.


    The above information is subject to change and updates. Copyright 2012

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